Beijing Longsun Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional agent in the field of semiconductor microelectronics, high precision optical coating, photovoltaic, photothermal, lithium battery and other new energy fields, as well as window film, automotive film, flexible circuit board and other industries to provide related process equipment.

Since 2006, it has cooperated with FHR, a famous German manufacturer of microelectronic equipment, and became its exclusive agency in China in 2008. Through our cooperation, FHR's products have gradually entered Into China and become the domestic famous coating equipment supplier.

In 2010, Beijing Longsun Technology Co., LTD., a professional agent of foreign microelectronic semiconductor and related equipment was set up in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, Shijingshan, Beijing, and established cooperative relations with leading foreign technology suppliers, which has laid a good start for the company's comprehensive international operation.

We adhere to the concept of taste and personality, standard and strong, dedication and focus, with an international vision, High-Tech and High-Grade products, noble business ethics, high level of service to win the trust of users, to win the trust of the market. With a good modern enterprise operation mechanism, " application-driven" and "people-oriented" developmental concept, has created a passionate, skilled team, for the rapid development of the company has laid a solid foundation.

Beijing Longsun Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with first-class products and services; For the sake of customers, seeking development together with customers to create a win-win situation. Longsun is worthy of your trust and expectations!